Each year, the O. Hugo Schuck Award by the American Automatic Control Council (AACC) serves to recognize the two best papers presented at the previous year's Automatic Control Conference (ACC). In 2007, engineer and scientist Dr. Allen Tannenbaum received the prestigious award alongside co-authors S. Dambreville and Y. Rathi for their paper, entitled “Tracking Deformable Objects with Unscented Kalman Filtering and Geometric Active Contours.”

In addition to content, the O. Hugo Schuck Award is based upon a paper's timelessness, presentation, practicality, and technical contribution. Recent winners have included Cameron Nowzari and Jorge Cortes for their paper, “Self-Triggered Coordination of Robotic Networks for Optimal Deployment,” which was presented at the 2011 AACC.

The AACC sponsors numerous awards for achievement in addition to the O. Hugo Schuck Award; the Council also holds numerous annual conferences in venues around the globe. For more information about the AACC, its awards, and events, visit A2C2.org.